Mobile Dictation Recorders

Mobile Dictation Recording

Flexibility is the key to efficient working.  No longer do we have to wait to return to the office to distribute dictated voice files for transcription.

The Traditionalist

Traditional style dictation voice recorders such as the Philips DPM-8000 or Olympus DS-9000 allow you to dictate, dock and download. 

Ideal for those that want portability to record, but are happy to wait until they can connect to their PC or laptop to send.

The Smartphone User

With all the functionality of a professional voice recorder - on your phone!

Dictation apps from Philips and Olympus allow authors to dictate and send straight from their smartphone.

Perfect for those that need to travel light.

The Power user

The best of both worlds.  The new Philips SpeechAir 2000 - with a slide control for intuitive operation - is an Android-based device with Gorilla Glass™ touchscreen, simple to use

WiFi and Bluetooth functionality. Includes a USB dock for "dock & send" functionality, or connect to any available WiFi and send direct from the device

Contact one of our team to talk about what style of dictation recorder will best suit YOUR way of working.

Complete your solution with a Transcription Kit

Ensure your dictation is converted into text by including a professional transcription kit for your typist or increase your document turn around by adding Dragon Speech Recognition for automatic speech-to-text conversion.

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  1. Sale
    Free Shipping
    Dictation Transcription Starter Kit - Philips DPM8000 Dictation Voice Recorder : Phiips LFH7277 Transcription Kit : USB Foot Pedal : Transcription Headset
    Philips Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Everything you need to dictate & transcribe. 2-Yr Warranty.
    Special Price AUD$995.00 Regular Price AUD$1,128.00
  2. Philips PocketMemo 388 Mini Cassette Recorder
    Analogue Dictation Recorder - Mini-Cassette Tape
  3. Sale
    Free Shipping
    Olympus Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Olympus Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Everything you need to dictate & transcribe
    Special Price AUD$974.00 Regular Price AUD$1,188.00
  4. Sale
    Philips SpeechAir 2000 : PSP2100 : Smart Dictation Voice Recorder with WiFi
    Philips SpeechAir 2000 Smart Dictation Recorder
    Dictation & send from any WiFi connection
    Special Price AUD$660.00 Regular Price AUD$779.00
  5. Philips DPM-8100 Pocket Memo Recorder Kit
    Hardware Only - Choose your own workflow
  6. Sale
    Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo with SpeechExec Pro Dictate Software
    Philips DPM-8000 Pocket Memo Recorder Kit
    Includes SpeechExec Pro Dictate Software V11 (2 yr license)
    Special Price AUD$669.00 Regular Price AUD$699.00
  7. Sale
    Philips DPM-6000 Digital Pocket Memo Voice Recorder : Dictation Recorder : Dictaphone
    Philips DPM-6000 Pocket Memo Recorder
    With SpeechExec Dictate Std V11 (2-yr license)
    Special Price AUD$369.00 Regular Price AUD$399.00
  8. Philips Voice Recorder App with Dictation Hub Service
    Annual subscription. Send via email or FTP
  9. Philips DPM-8500 Pocket Memo with Barcode Scanner
    Hardware Only - Choose your own workflow
  10. Philips DPM-6700 Dictation & Transcription Kit
    Entry level starter kit. Incl. DPM6000 Recorder & Transcriber
  11. Sale
    Olympus DS9500 Professional Dictation Recorder with WiFi. Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Kit
    Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Kit with WiFi
    Includes new Olympus ODMS Dictate V7 Software
    Special Price AUD$640.00 Regular Price AUD$759.00
  12. Olympus DS-9000 Dictation Recorder
    Includes new Olympus ODMS Dictate V7 Software (no dock)
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Which dictation software?

Software or cloud? Desktop install or server-based?  Selecting the right software or cloud solution for your practices dictation and transcription workflow is essential.  VoiceX's specialist consultants can assist you or your IT team when deciding what solution will best suit your needs. You can also view our range of professional dictation & transcription software solutions or even see our range of automatic speech-to-text software.