Dictation Software

Dictation Management Software

Traditional Desktop Software

Classic desktop software application installed on each computer provides the author with the ability to download dictations from voice recorders, record directly to the PC and distribute work across the network or via email & FTP. 

  • Philips SpeechExec Pro
  • Olympus ODMS Pro
Dictation Apps

Turn your smartphone into a dictation recorder

  • Dictation Hub
  • SpeechLive
  • Olympus ODDS
Hosted Cloud

The browser-based solution allows authors and typists to access and process dictations directly from a web browser. Subscriptions include phone apps for authors.

  • SpeechLive
Enterprise / Self Hosted Solutions

Enterprise solutions allow you to create your own tailored dictation & transcription workflow with complete centralised control. Cost-effective concurrent licensing with technical support & upgrade assurance included making this the perfect solution for firms with 10+ users.

  • SpeechExec Enterprise
  • Olympus Web SCP
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  1. SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Solution
    Ideal work-from-home option. Windows & Mac Compatible.
  2. SpeechExec Enterprise V7 Dictation Solution
    Universal & concurrent licensing with central administration
  3. Olympus ODDS Mobile Dictation App Subscription
    Annual Subscription. Sends via email or FTP.
  4. Olympus AS-57 Web SCP - Workgroup Admin Software
    Supports Citrix & Windows Remote Desktop environments
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Manage your dictations. Manage your users.

Most digital dictation software does much more than send and play your dictations.

Selecting the right dictation app or software is often more important than what recorder you want to use. Do you need software that’s PC or Mac compatible? Do you have multiple users your need to manage? Do you work in a Citrix or Remote Desktop environment? Do you work from multiple locations?

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