Dragon Legal

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Dragon Legal Anywhere with Dragon Anywhere Mobile App

Cloud-based speech recognition designed specifically for legal professionals

Following the successful release of both Dragon Medical One and Dragon Professional Anywhere by Nuance, VoiceX is pleased to announce the latest in professional cloud-based voice recognition technology - Dragon Legal Anywhere - now available in Australia for Australian legal professionals.

Hosted in Australia - with Australian based technical support direct from VoiceX - Dragon Legal Anywhere allows authors to dictate from any location - especially beneficial when working remotely - now with 99% accuracy with no voice profile training. Accents are no longer a concern with automatic accent adjustment.

Dragon Legal Anywhere Speech Recognition is an "all-inclusive" subscription that includes;

  • End-User Training - 1-hr (Remote, One-on-One)
  • Software Updates & Upgrades
  • Unlimited Technical Support via VoiceX (Australian Based)
  • Free Dragon Anywhere Mobile App for dictation on your iOS or Android device

Try Dragon Legal Anywhere - Free!

VoiceX offers an obligation free trial in Australia to the new Dragon Legal Anywhere Cloud-based speech recognition solution.  Simply register to trial Dragon Legal Anywhere via the link below and our team will set you up with a fully-featured trial of Dragon Legal Anywhere - including the Dragon Anywhere Mobile App.

Download and register to trial Dragon Legal Anywhere in Australia free from VoiceX

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    Dragon Legal Anywhere - 12mth Subscription
    Dragon Legal Anywhere - 12mth Subscription
    Inc Free Dragon Anywhere Mobile App, Training & Tech Support
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