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Voice : Music : Video - Personal digital recorders for all environments

Whether you work in security or law enforcement, finance or banking, or maybe your a student or influencer - capturing your story or whats going on around you - we have a recording solution to suit.

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    Philips DVT-3120 Video Tracer Body-worn video & audio recorder
    Philips DVT-3120 VideoTracer Body-worn Camera
    Suitable for security & law enforcement personnel
    Special Price AUD$439.00 Regular Price AUD$499.00
  2. AUD$119.00
  3. Philips DVT-2110 VoiceTracer Audio Recorder
    Perfect for recording interviews & conversations
  4. Philips DVT-2810 VoiceTracer Audio Recorder with Dragon DVR
    For automatic speech-to-text transcription
  5. Philips DVT-4110 VoiceTracer Lecture & Interview Recorder
    With app for remote control & instant sharing
  6. Philips DVT-6110 VoiceTracer Music & Audio Recorder
    Record music demos. With app for remote control & instant sharing
  7. Philips DVT-7110 VoiceTracer with Video Shooting Kit
    Pefect for video bloggers. With app for remote control & instant sharing
  8. Sale
    Philips DVT-8110 Voice Tracer Meeting Recorder Kit includes Philips 9172 Boundary Conference Microphone
    Philips DVT-8110 VoiceTracer Meeting Recorder Kit
    Portable Meeting Kit. With app for remote control & instant sharing
    Special Price AUD$325.00 Regular Price AUD$349.00
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Please be aware that this range of voice and music recorders are not the same as professional dictation recorders.  These recorders do not posess the same editing functionality of a dictation recorder (such as over-write, insert etc).  If you require a dictation recorder we suggest you view our comprehensive range of DIGITAL DICTATION systems.