Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder

Perfect for small meetings and interviews
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Your clever business recorder

Elegant silver design, an easy-to-use interface and perfect sound quality thanks to the TRESMIC system make the Olympus DM-720 your perfect companion to support your business needs.

  • Linear PC & MP3 recording & playback
  • Zoom microphone
  • 4GB Internal Memory - expandable with MicroSD card
  • Built in USB connecter
  • PC & Mac compatible
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High-quality sound. Top usability.

The Olympus DM-720 includes high-quality features packed into an efficient, smart body. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, editing functions that extend audio use, and various playback functions, this recorder provides outstanding practicality and reliability to support your business needs.

High-quality recording

The 3-microphone "TRESMIC" system available on the DM-720 delivers high-quality sound recording. The recorder is also equipped with many more functions to further enhance sound recording quality.

A full array of playback functions

The DM-720 includes a variety of useful playback functions for all business situations. Functions include Voice Playback, to skip non-speech parts of your recordings, Voice Playback to ensure everyone in your recording is heard, and noise cancellation technology to remove unwanted ambient noise.


The recorder includes an easy-to-use interface and convenient functions that extend your use. The DM-720 has a built-in USB connector with recharge function, expandable microSD memory, and voice guidance. A convenient clip stand attachment is included, to allow you to attach the recorder to a pocket or notebook.

Note: The Olympus DM-720 is a high-quality digital voice recorder designed for recording notes & ideas. If you are looking for a recording device for dictation, with dictation editing capabilities and workflow options please visit our page dedicated to Digital Dictation

"TRESMIC" Three-microphone system for superior sound

The DM-720 achieves high S/N ratio thanks to its low-noise microphone design. The stereo microphones arranged outward at an angle of 90° produce a natural stereo feeling, while an omnidirectional centre microphone compensates for low-range sounds. By increasing the size of peripheral openings and capturing sound from both front and rear, the resultant phase difference can be used to maximise directional microphone characteristics. When the omnidirectional centre microphone is on, frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz are picked up (60Hz to 20kHz when off), compensating for low-range sounds.

Olympus DM-720 Voice Recorder with Tresmic Microphone Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder

Zoom microphone for recording from a distance

With the latest directional quality control technologies, switching to directional microphone mode unleashes the power of proximity recording in noisy environments, such as at lectures or when recording from a distant position. You can adjust the directivity by operating with the "-" and "+" buttons. The new zoom microphone mode adjusts the recording level higher according to the zoom.

Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder with Zoom meeting microphone

Compact recorder with 48 kHz/16-bit linear PCM recording

Create high-quality recordings using the linear PCM format. With a sampling frequency of 48 kHz, this linear PCM format easily outclasses the 44.1 kHz / 16 bits of CD-quality audio. While this may surpass your needs in business, it is useful for those using the digital voice recorder for hobby or music, providing the quality to easily make their own CDs.

Automatic sensitivity adjustment with Intelligent Auto Mode

To make listening to your recordings more comfortable, the Intelligent Auto Mode adjusts the microphone sensitivity to match the volume of the sound source. When a speaker is talking loudly, the recorder reduces the input level, and for soft voices, the recorder increases the input level. In this way, the function automatically keeps track of the input level and simultaneously adjust the recording level so that it always records in the best quality and provides an even level of volume.

Low-cut filter eliminates extraneous noise

During recording, the low-cut filter is used to cut the sound at frequencies of 300 Hz and lower during the recording process. Typical examples of these lower frequencies include air conditioner noise, projector fan noise, and even wind noise while outside. By cutting the lower frequency during recording your audio is natural sounding and free of background noise and distortion during playback.

Recommended Application Area
    • Speech-to-text
    • Interviews
    • Transcription
    • Meetings
    USB functionality
    • USB Speed - USB 2.0 High Speed
    • USB Classes
      • USB Audio class
      • USB HID
      • USB Storage class
    • Direct USB Connection - Yes
        • Display Type - Full Dot Matrix Display
        • Display Size - 26.1 x 22.6mm / 1.36''
        • Display Backlit - Yes
        Microphone System
        • TRESMIC (3 Mic System) -Yes

        Recording Modes
        • Recording format - PCM (WAV) / MP3
        • Maximum Recording Time - 985h (MP3, 8kbps)
        Playback Modes
        • Playback format - PCM (WAV) / MP3

        Frequency response
        • MP3
          • 320kbps / 20 - 21000Hz
          • 128kbps / 20 - 17000Hz
          • 64kbps (mono) / 20 - 13000Hz
          • 8kbps (mono) / 20 - 3500Hz
        • PCM

          • 48kHz / 20 - 23000Hz
          • 44.1kHz / 20 - 21000Hz
        Record function
        • Auto recording
          • Timer recording
          • VCVA (Variable Control Voice Actuator)
        • Recording Scenes
          • Lecture
          • Conference
          • Meeting
          • Dictation
          • Speech-Recognition
        • Advanced recording
          • Rec Monitor
          • Low Cut-Filter
          • Zoom Mic. Setting
          • Playback Synchro Recording
                    Playback function
                    • Playback control
                    • Fast play
                    • Slow Play
                    • Intro Play
                    File selection
                    • File Playback
                    • Folder Playback
                    • All Files Playback
                    Repeat functions
                    • A-B repeat playback
                    • File repeat
                    • Folder repeat
                    • All repeat
                    Automatic playback

                    Random playback

                    • File operation
                      • Fast forward and rewind
                      • Forward / Reverse Skip
                    • Sound enhancement
                      • Noise Cancel
                      • Voice Balancer
                      • Equalizer
                    • Advanced Play
                      • Voice Playback
                      • Sleep Timer
                      • Shadowing Playback
                    • Playback Scenes

                    • Transcription
                                  Data organisation
                                  • No. of folders -5
                                  • Folder Music - max. 400
                                  • Files per folder - 200
                                  • Index Marks - 99
                                  • Erase
                                    • Erase all files
                                    • Erase single files
                                    • Erase lock
                                    • Music folders
                                    • Partial (PCM only)
                                  • File divide - Yes
                                  • Calendar Search - Yes
                                  • File Replace - Yes
                                  • File move - Yes
                                  • File Copy (Folder to Folder) -Yes
                                            Other Features
                                            • Voice guidance - Yes

                                            Storage Media
                                            • Internal memory - 4GB Flash Memory
                                            • microSD / microSDHC card - Yes
                                            Interfaces Input
                                            • PC interface - USB Cable
                                            • Microphone jack - 3.5 ø mm mini‑jack, impedance 2 kΩ
                                            • Microphone sensitivity/gain - Hi / Mid / Lo / Auto / Manual
                                            Interfaces Output
                                            • Earphone jack - 3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 8Ω
                                            • Maximum headphone output - ≤ 150 mV
                                            • Speaker - 18mm (mono) / Built‑in round dynamic speaker
                                            • Max. working output - 150mW
                                            Power Supply
                                            • Max. Battery Life - Alkaline Battery, 52h Rec., MP3 8kbps
                                            • 35h Play, (earphones)
                                            • External power supply - USB connecting AC adapter (A‑514)
                                            • Power Supply - Battery: 1 x AAA
                                            • Internal Charging - AC / USB
                                            Note: Internal charging operable only with Olympus rechargeable batteries. AC‑adapter is an optional item.
                                            • Height - 105.9mm
                                            • Width - 39.6mm
                                            • Depth - 14.4mm (without protrusions)
                                            • Weight - 72g (incl. batteries)
                                            • Menu languages

                                              CS, DA, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, SV, RU

                                            Operating Systems & Requirements
                                            • Windows

                                              Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

                                            • Macintosh

                                              Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5 ‑ 10.11

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