Olympus LS-P1 Music & Audio Recorder

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Olympus LS-P1 Recorder - Designed for Audio & Music

Slim and compact device for always taking along: the Olympus LS-P1 Audio and Music Recorder is a feature-packed high-resolution audio recorder and music player in one. It brings together high sound quality with ultimate ease of use. Perfect for broadcasting, interview recording and capturing the sounds of nature.

  • Hi-Res 96kHz/24-bit audio
  • Incredibly compact. Only 75g
  • PCM (WAV), MP3 recording formats
  • Fade-in / fade-out editing
  • Simple overdubbing
  • 39hr battery life
  • 4GB Memory
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Olympus LS-P1 Audio & Music Recorder

Natural stereo sound with 80-degree outward-facing stereo microphones

The design focus was placed on microphone casing size and the shape of openings to get the most out of essential specifications like frequency response and directional characteristics. The 90° outward-facing microphone units on the left and right achieve a stereo sound with a natural ambience.

Linear PCM quality with convenient recording functions

The Olympus LS-P1 supports linear PCM recording at bit rates up to 24 bits and sampling frequencies as high as 96 kHz, surpassing the 44.1kHz/ 16 bits of CD-quality audio. The new zoom microphone mode adjusts the recording level higher according to the zoom, while the manual recording level settings and limiter function allow you to fine-tune the recording level to suit your needs.

High quality, compact metal body

With a robust design, that exudes a strong, classy style, and a compact size that easily fits in your pocket, the LS-P1 is suitable for a wide range of situations, from outdoor activities to concerts, ensuring that you will never miss a sound. The recorder also has a built-in USB connector, for convenient transfer of data and charging while on the go.

Direct PC connection without a cable

The built-in USB connector can be easily deployed and stored using the slide lever. With this feature, you can connect directly to a computer without cable or software. Not only can you save and share your recordings; but the LS-P1 can also be recharged via USB without having to remove the battery, and the recorder can also be used as a USB memory device.

Olympus LS-P1 Recorder: Features & Functions

High sound quality.
Small file size.

Achieve nearly perfect 96kHz/24-bit recordings that are better than CD quality – but with file sizes which are up to 30% smaller compared to the PCM WAV format.

Your device.
Your customisation.

You can also use the LS-P4 voice recorder in WAV and MP3 formats. Thanks to the equalizer in the USER mode, customising your playback preferences is easy. You can even enjoy tunes downloaded from high-resolution music distribution websites.

Natural sound.
Smoother recordings.

The LS-P1 is one of the first linear PCM recorders to feature built-in fade-in/fade-out functionality on the device. It gradually increases the volume of the sound from the first second of the sound source and reduces the volume to the last second. This links songs naturally when recording live sound sources, eliminating unnatural clicking noises.

Creative recordings.
Unique sounds.

Enjoy simpler overdubbing with your LS-P1 audio recorder. Create your own musical recordings by listening to your original track and, at the same time, recording a new track to create a new song. For instance, you can record your drum track, go back and dub in your rhythm and bass, before adding your vocals to the final mix.

Olympus LS-P1 Manual
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Olympus LS-P1 Overview
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