VoiceX Communication

Foot Controls & Hand Controls

Control your playback & Recording 

Foot pedals and hand controllers allow typists to control the play/pause, rewind and fast forward of their transcription audio - without the need to take their fingers off the keyboard. In addition. Foot controls can allow authors the ability to record hands-free.  Perfect for environments such as pathology.

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    Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control - Waterproof Foot Pedal
    Philips ACC-2330 USB Transcription Foot Control
    All buttons customisable. 4-pedal "Waterproof" design.
    Special Price AUD$199.00 Regular Price AUD$216.70
  2. Philips ACC-2320 USB Transcription Foot Control
    Left=Rwd : Ctr=Play : Right=FFD. 3-pedal "US-style" design.
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    Philips LFH2305 USB Transcription Hand Control : Alternative to USB Transcription Foot Control
    Philips LFH-2305 Transcription Hand Controller
    Alternative to a USB transcription foot control
    Special Price AUD$250.00 Regular Price AUD$272.80
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    Philips ACC6100 Remote Control for SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
    Philips ACC-6100 SpeechOne Remote Control
    For use with SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
    Special Price AUD$170.00 Regular Price AUD$183.70
  5. Philips LFH-2210 3.5mm Transcription Foot Control
    3-pedal design for analogue transcribers & ACC8100 dock
  6. Infinity IN-USB-3 Transcription Foot Control
    New replacement for the IN-USB 2 Foot Control
  7. Infinity IN-USB-2 Transcription Foot Control
    DISCONTINUED - Direct replacement = Infinity IN-USB-3
    Out of stock
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