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Transcription Headsets & Replacment Ear-sponges

When choosing a transcription headset keep in mind how long you will be wearing it. Users who transcribe & work on the phone all day may benefit from an ergonomic "hybrid" telephone that connects to your desk phone & PC.

Important Note : In the interest of hygiene it is strongly recommended that each user has their own headset & ear-foams/ear-sponges are replaced on a regular basis
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  1. Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Telephone & PC Headset
    Connects to Phone & Computer. Dual Speaker Design.
  2. Replacement Ear Sponges for Philips LFH-0334 Headset (x2)
    Suits Philips LFH0334 / LFH234 Transcription Headset
  3. Replacement Ear Sponges for Spectra & Olympus Headsets (x2)
    Suits Spectra Headsets, FlexFone Headsets, Olympus E62 Headsets
  4. Sale
    Philips ACC0233 Transcription Headset
    Special Price AUD$75.00 Regular Price AUD$85.00
  5. Replacement Ear Sponges for Philips LFH2236 Headset (x2)
    Suits Philips LFH2236 / LFH0236 Transription Headset
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    Philips LFH9034 3.5mm to USB audio adapter
    Philips LFH9034 USB Audio Adapter
    Converts any 3.5mm headset to USB for improved audio quality
    Special Price AUD$65.00 Regular Price AUD$71.50
  7. Philips ACC6005 Ear Cushions (1Pack)
    Suits Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
  8. Philips ACC6005 Ear Cushions (5 Pack)
    Suits Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
  9. Spectra SP-300BT Wireless Transcription Headset
    Compatible with all transcription software
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