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If you’ve been searching for the best headphones for transcription or dictation purposes that will make it significantly easier to transcribe recorded audio, look no further.

From the classic under-chin style to the latest wireless hybrid headsets that allow you to switch between transcription and talking on your desk-phone, VoiceX has it all. We offer a range of Jabra, Spectra, Olympus, FlexFone and Philips transcription headphones (plus their replacement ear-sponges) to suit your way of working!

Having a pair of quality Jabra, Spectra, Olympus, FlexFone or Philips dictation headphones or transcription headphones can make hard-to-hear audio sound considerably clearer. One of these headsets can make even the best transcriber much more efficient and decrease occurrences where audio cannot be understood, making the transcripts being produced even more accurate.

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  1. Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Telephone & PC Headset
    Connects to Phone & Computer. Dual Speaker Design.
  2. Replacement Ear Sponges for Spectra & Olympus Headsets (x2)
    Suits Spectra Headsets, FlexFone Headsets, Olympus E62 Headsets
  3. Spectra SP-350BT Wireless Transcription Headset
    Compatible with all transcription software
  4. Philips LFH9034 USB Audio Adapter
    Converts any 3.5mm headset to USB for improved audio quality
  5. Philips LFH-0334 Transcription Headset
    Best Seller! Suits all transcription software
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Transcribing interviews, conferences and meetings is easy when you use a first-rate wireless or USB transcription headset – and you’ll find the best headphones for transcription and dictation tasks within VoiceX’s wide range of headset products. Call our experts today on 1300 551 778 to learn more about our headsets and discuss your requirements.