Transcription Kits

Professional Transcription

Audio transcription kits including foot controls, headsets transcription software

Dictation processing can be done via traditional audio playback or with the assistance of background speech recognition for automatic speech-to-text conversion.

Both Philips and Olympus transcription software are compatible with Dragon Professional and Dragon Legal, whilst Philips SpeechExec Pro and SpeechExec Enterprise transcription systems fully support Dragon Medical.

Need to access dictation for transcription in multiple places?  Check out SpeechLive - and you can access and transcribe directly from any browser!

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    Dictation Transcription Starter Kit - Philips DPM8000 Dictation Voice Recorder : Phiips LFH7277 Transcription Kit : USB Foot Pedal : Transcription Headset
    Philips Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Everything you need to dictate & transcribe. 2-Yr Warranty.
    Special Price AUD$995.00 Regular Price AUD$1,128.00
  2. Philips 720T Mini Cassette Transcriber
    Analogue Transcriber with Foot Control & Headset - Mini Cassette
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    Olympus Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Olympus Dictation & Transcription Pro Starter Kit
    Everything you need to dictate & transcribe
    Special Price AUD$974.00 Regular Price AUD$1,188.00
  4. Philips LFH-5220 Transcription Hardware Kit
    Transcription hardware only. USB Foot Control & headset
  5. Philips LFH-7177 Transcription Kit
    Incl. SpeechExec Std Transcribe V11 Software (2-year license)
  6. Philips LFH-7277 Professional Transcription Kit
    Incl. SpeechExec Pro Transcribe V11 Software (2-year license)
  7. Philips DPM-6700 Dictation & Transcription Kit
    Entry level starter kit. Incl. DPM6000 Recorder & Transcriber
  8. Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit
    Includes DSSPlayer Standard Software
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    Olympus AS-9000 Professional Transcription Kit with Olympus ODMS Pro Transcribe Software & RS-31H USB Foot Control
    Olympus AS-9000 Professional Transcription Kit
    Includes Olympus ODMS Pro Transcribe R7 Software
    Special Price AUD$375.00 Regular Price AUD$429.00
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