VoiceX Communication

Meetings & Conferences

Record your meetings, interviews, conversations, conferences, lectures and telephone calls

VoiceX carries a full range or recorders, microphones and adapters that allow you to record your important meetings, interviews & conversations in quality audio for easy transcription and future referal.

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    Philips DVT-8110 Voice Tracer Meeting Recorder Kit includes Philips 9172 Boundary Conference Microphone
    Philips DVT-8110 VoiceTracer Meeting Recorder Kit
    Portable Meeting Kit. With app for remote control & instant sharing
    Special Price AUD$325.00 Regular Price AUD$349.00
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    Philips DPM-8900 Conference Recording Kit
    Special Price AUD$1,275.00 Regular Price AUD$1,369.00
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    Olympus ME-30W Conference Microphone Kit : Meeting & Conference Microphones
    Special Price AUD$595.00 Regular Price AUD$649.00
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