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Voice Recording Devices for Meetings & Conferences

Record your meetings, interviews, conversations, conferences, lectures and telephone calls.

VoiceX carries a full range of manual and voice activated recorders, microphones and adapters that allow you to record your important meetings, interviews and conversations in quality audio for easy transcription and future referral.

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Everything you need to present and participate in virtual meetings, conferences and teleconferences professionally.

Whether you are looking to record your meetings and interviews, present professional video conferences or consults, or simply enhance your teleconference audio quality, VoiceX has a range of professional voice and video conferencing equipment to ensure you never miss a word.


VoiceX carries a full range of voice recorder devices, microphones and adapters for recording interviews, meetings and conversations in quality audio.

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Conference Speakerphones:

Enhance your teleconference audio quality in applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, WebEx and more by using an easy to connect conference speakerphone.

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Video Conferencing:

Host professional video meetings and consults and enhance your virtual working experience.

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Why You Should Use a Professional Voice Recorder Device

Recording interviews, meetings and conferences can be very difficult due to potentially bad acoustics and background noise. That’s why it’s important to use a high-quality video conferencing system or voice recorder device with effective microphones.

VoiceX provides first-rate video and voice recording devices for meetings and conferences to ensure you get the best recording quality possible.

If your facilities aren’t equipped with the right voice recorder for meetings and conferences, you may end up with a poor quality recording that can’t be understood. Get the right voice recorder device for Windows or Mac with our help.

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Recording interviews, meetings and conferences has never been easier than with VoiceX’s range of voice recorder devices. Find an affordable voice recorder for meetings and other events that will give you outstanding audio quality, making sharing and transferring files easy. Call us today on 1300 551 778 to ask about our voice and video conferencing equipment.