Olympus ME-51S Mini Stereo Microphone

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Microphone for stereo recording

Connect the Olympus ME-51S stereo microphone to your digital voice recorder and recording in fantastic quality, stereo recording.

  • High-quality stereo microphone
  • 1m cable with tie‑clip included
  • Unidirectional (L/R),100‑15,000Hz
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Record multiple voices from various directions

The Olympus ME51SW Stereo Compact stereo microphone with high-quality sound that can connect directly to a microphone jack.

This microphone is suitable for recording balanced sound that is both natural and spatial as it allows you to hear multiple voices or other sounds coming from various directions. It comes with a tie pin as a set so it is convenient when, for example, you are busy delivering a presentation or your hands are busy typing.

  • Uni-directional recording
  • Connects to any voice recorder 3.5mm microphone socket
  • Connect directly to the recorder or via the tie-clip with 1M extension cable
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