Professional Dictation, Transcripiton & Speech Recognition. Windows & Mac Compatible

SpeechLive - the most efficient and easy to use dictation and transcription solution

SpeechLive is the first truly professional, end-to-end cloud-hosted dictation & transcription management solution

SpeechLive - the perfect "dictate anywhere" / "transcribe anywhere" solution

Authors and typists simply access their SpeechLive dictation or transcription workflow on any computer, via secure log-in on a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Edge, or Safari) no matter whether they are working from the office or home.

Authors also can also dictate and access their dictation queue via their SpeechLive App.

  • Work from any computer
  • No software to install
  • No complex setup or configuration
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Dictations are automatically sent to your typist/s for audio transcription - with the aid of a Philips USB foot control -  or send to the optional SpeechLive Transcription Service
  • Includes in-built Speech Recognition functionality for auto speech-to-text conversion directly into SpeechLive from a pre-recorded dictation created on your phone or dictation voice recorder - or live - straight into the SpeechLive workflow or your 3rd party application (ie email, practice management software or template) 
  • Hosted securely in Australia - download the SpeechLive Data Security & Privacy Datasheet
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SpeechLive Dictation Recording

For the author....

Dictate with a dictation voice recorder, SpeechMike or SpeechLive Dictation Recorder App
SpeechLive Dictation Recording

SpeechLive gives the author the choice on how and where they dictate.

An author can dictate via the included SpeechLive Dictation App on their phone to simply record and send. However, if they are recording longer documents they may wish to use a more traditional, portable dictation recorder.  SpeechLive is compatible with most professional voice recorders, including Philips and Olympus.  In most cases, authors may already have a digital dictaphone recorder that can be used.

Another alternative is to record directly into SpeechLive via the SpeechLive On-line Recorder - easily accessible from the web browser.  This provides full dictation recording and editing capabilities and works perfectly with professional dictation microphones such as the Philips SpeechMike range or a professional headset such as the Philips SpeechOne Headset or even one of the Jabra headset ranges.  

No matter how you record, dictation audio is quickly routed to the author's secure workflow in SpeechLive - ready for transcription. All options are included as standard. 

  • Included for each author is the SpeechLive Dictation App.  Simply record your dictation - with all of the same functionality as a traditional dictaphone voice recorder, add notes & instructions, set a priority, attach an accompanying image or document and click send. 
  • Dictate directly into the SpeechLive On-line Recorder with a SpeechMike or headset microphone or...
  • Dictate using a Philips or Olympus portable dictation recorder. You can even set SpeechLive to automatically upload directly into your SpeechLive workflow when you connect your recorder.
  • Dictations are automatically sent to the allocated typist/s in your organization securely via the SpeechLive service. No emailing is required.
  • Clearly see - on your phone or your computer - the live transcription status of your dictation so you know once it has been completed.
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SpeechLive Voice Recognition
SpeechLive Speech Recognition
SpeechLive Speech-to-Text Speech Recognition Module (STT)

New: Speech-to-Text directly into any application!

Assisting authors to turn around documentation even more efficiently is the in-built SpeechLive Speech-to-Text Speech Recognition.  This powerful set of tools provides up to 95% accuracy and gives authors the opportunity to choose how they convert their speech to text - either in real-time - or from a pre-recorded dictation.

SpeechLive Speech Recognition is one of the only professional voice recognition solutions with multilingual capabilities.  Transcribe text in up to 17 languages and variants!

Included in the optional SpeechLive Speech-to-Text (STT) Module;

  • Live, on-screen speech to text allows you to have your dictation automatically transcribed - in real-time - using the SpeechLive Web Recorder in your browser
  • SpeechLive Dictate @ Cursor - simply log on to SpeechLive and turn on the Speech Recognition and dictate directly into any program you have open - forms, templates, practice management software, CRM etc. NB: This feature is only available in Microsoft OS.  Feature will be added for Mac OS soon.
  • Voice commands allow you to insert paragraphs, punctuation, special characters etc
  • Automatic Speech Recognition of a pre-recorded dictation audio files - ready for the typist to proofread and format.  Both the text and audio is provided for accurate editing

SpeechLive Speech-to-Text Speech Recognition Module is an optional add on.  Simply add the STT Module for any user in your SpeechLive account that requires instant speech-to-text conversion. Get 10 minutes of speech-to-text speech recognition free for all users to try this powerful feature when you subscribe to SpeechLive.

Add the SpeechLive Speech Recognition (STT) to your SpeechLive Subscription for only

$515 per user, per annum

Includes Unlimited Technical Support

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SpeechLive Transcription for the typist

For the typist...

Cloud based transcription
SpeechLive In-House Transcription

SpeechLive allows your typists to securely log on to their transcription workflow from any computer and transcribe the audio direct from the browser. No software installation is required!! Typists can be set to see all authors or just the nominated author/s they require.

  • Foot Control compatible - Simply connect a Philips ACC-2330 or ACC-2310 USB foot pedal and control the audio efficiently
  • Real-time job status allows each team member to see the current status of each dictation (ie: Pending, Suspended, In Progress, Completed)
  • Submit dictations for automatic speech-to-text conversion to speed up the transcription process (requires optional STT Module as above)
  • Filter and Sort the worklist to find dictations quicker and stay organized
  • Priority Dictations stand out clearly in the worklist 
  • Optional email notification of new dictations when added to the typist's workflow
  • Variable Speed Control allows the typist to adjust both the playback and the winding speed
  • Auto-backspace allows the typist to adjust the player to slightly rewind after each stop to ensure not a single word is missed
  • Automatic archiving allows typists to keep the worklist clear whilst being able to navigate back to completed dictations if required
  • Dictation Archive Purge can be set at a time that suits your firm 
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SpeechLive Trasncription Service

Optional SpeechLive Transcription Service

SpeechLive Transcription Service

For the times when you need a little extra help the SpeechLive transcription service allows you to focus on more important tasks than typing.  It is like having your own "on-demand personal assistant".

  • 99% accuracy and 100% transcribed by humans!
  • Fast turnaround times allow you to meet tight deadlines.  Urgent dictations can be delivered within 5 office hours
  • Multiple speakers - SpeechLive transcriptionists can easily transcribe multiple speaker recordings with time stamps and speaker tracking
  • Guaranteed security - keep your confidential data safe with the knowledge that all SpeechLive typists work in professional office spaces with secure technology.
  • Free trial - try the SpeechLive Transcription service and get the first 10 minutes free
  • Purchase SpeechLive Transcription Service in blocks (minimum of 20 mins) - with optional auto-top up.
SpeechLive Transcription Service Pricing
  • Non-urgent Transcription : $2.19 per min (inc GST) - 24 hour turn around for up-to 120min audio
  • Urgent Transcription : $2.74 per min (inc GST) 5-hour turn around for up to 25 min audio
  • Multi Speaker Transcription : From $3.85 per min
SpeechLive Administrator

For the administrator...

Each SpeechLive account is provided with a free admin log-in.   An administrator can apply system-wide settings, add and remove user access, change users and perform password resets for each user.

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Ready to subscribe to SpeechLive?

SpeechLive is a 12-month subscription and is charged per active user within the site's account.  Both typists and authors are considered users.  Users are fully transferable within the same account and additional users can be added at any time (charged pro-rata).  If you need to cancel or reduce the number of users in your account, just let us know prior to your expiry date.

If you already have compatible hardware simply order the;

The below bundles and hardware are also available;

Need advice before ordering SpeechLive?

Contact the VoiceX Team on 1300 551 778 and we will be able to assist you with any queries you may have regarding SpeechLive