VoiceX Communication

Dictation & Transcription Accessories

Get more out of your dictation & transcription system

Optional accessories, replacement parts & consumables
  • Foot Pedals & Hand Controllers
  • Microphones & Recording Adapters
  • Docking Stations & Adapters
  • Headset & Replacement Sponges
  • Batteries & Power Supplies
  • Cables & Memory Cards
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  1. Sale
    Olympus RS-31H USB Foot Control : Transcription foot pedal
    Special Price AUD$127.00 Regular Price AUD$149.00
  2. Olympus UC-90 External Battery Charger
    For external charging of Olympus LI-92B Battery
  3. Sale
    Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control - Waterproof Foot Pedal
  4. Sale
    Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control - Waterproof Foot Pedal
    Philips ACC-2320 USB Transcription Foot Control
    Left=Rwd : Ctr=Play : Right=FFD. 3-pedal "US-style" design.
    Special Price AUD$175.00 Regular Price AUD$180.40
  5. Sale
    Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control - Waterproof Foot Pedal
    Philips ACC-2330 USB Transcription Foot Control
    All buttons customisable. 4-pedal "Waterproof" design.
    Special Price AUD$199.00 Regular Price AUD$216.70
  6. Sale
    Philips ACC4000 SpeechMike Premium Air Docking Station
    Philips ACC-4000 Docking Station
    For SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000 & 4010
    Special Price AUD$229.00 Regular Price AUD$246.60
  7. Sale
    Philips SpeechOne Dock with status light : Philips ACC6000 Dock
    Special Price AUD$268.00 Regular Price AUD$310.20
  8. Sale
    Philips ACC6100 Remote Control for SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
    Philips ACC-6100 SpeechOne Remote Control
    For use with SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
    Special Price AUD$170.00 Regular Price AUD$183.70
  9. Sale
    Philips ACC8100 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery : Replacement battery for Philips DPM
    Philips ACC-8100 Rechargeable Battery
    For Philips DPM8000, DPM8100 & DPM6000 Voice Recorders
    Special Price AUD$65.00 Regular Price AUD$71.50
  10. Sale
    Philips ACC8120 Docking Station : Docking Cradle for Philips DPM8000, DPM6000 Pocket Memo Voice Recorders
    Philips ACC-8120 Docking Station
    For DPM8000, DPM6000 series voice recorders
    Special Price AUD$150.00 Regular Price AUD$163.90
  11. Sale
    Philips ACC0034 Replacement SpeechMike Cable
  12. Sale
    Philips ACC0233 Transcription Headset
    Special Price AUD$75.00 Regular Price AUD$85.00
  13. Philips ACC6005 Ear Cushions (1Pack)
    Suits Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
  14. Philips ACC6005 Ear Cushions (5 Pack)
    Suits Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
  15. Philips LFH-2210 3.5mm Transcription Foot Control
    3-pedal design for analogue transcribers & ACC8100 dock
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