End-of-support announcement for Philips SpeechExec Pro Version 10

End-of-support announcement for Philips SpeechExec Pro Version 10

Support for Windows 10 (build 1809) is coming to an end soon and so is the support for your SpeechExec v10.6.

In April 2020, Microsoft announced the delayed end of service for Windows 10, build 1809, due to ongoing public health situation. The new end-of-support date is scheduled to be on 10th November 2020.  Read more about the Microsoft end of support announcement here...

As the Philips SpeechExec lifecycle for version 10 and older is synced with Microsoft support lifecycles, your SpeechExec v10.6 will be end-of-support on the same day.

Download the latest compatibility overview here.

What does end of support mean for your SpeechExec v10.6?

Once a product reaches the end of support, there will be no IT patches, security updates or support. Support also including revoking licenses.

Our support options for you

VoiceX fully understands that the global pandemic is not over yet, and businesses are prioritising on retaining business continuity. We want to continue supporting you as well. For your trust and loyalty towards our brand and products, we have created a ‘Loyalty Upgrade program’ for all version 10 users*.

Upgrade now to the Philips cloud solution SpeechLive or SpeechExec Version 11 and save up to 50%.  Both products are subscription-based. Incompatibility with constantly developing operating systems will no longer be a problem, as free version upgrades are included during the duration of your subscription period.

Upgrade Offer #1

Upgrade from SpeechExec Pro Version 10 to the latest SpeechExec Pro Version 11 and save 50% (Normally $210 per 2-year license. Special upgrade price $105)

Upgrade Offer #2

Upgrade from SpeechExec Pro Version 10 to SpeechLive for only $169 per upgraded license (normally $199). Includes FREE unlimited technical support and SpeechLive Voice Recorder Dictation App for each author.

*The upgrade offer is valid until 31st October 2020.  A valid SpeechExec Pro Version 10 license must be relinquished to VoiceX prior to the V11 or SpeechLIve license being allocated.

NOTE: Over the last few months, we have noticed that the majority of our customers have opted for SpeechLive as this solution provides flexibility, simplicity and security for staff that need to work from home.  If you would like to discuss transitioning to the SpeechLive cloud please contact us for further details and to arrange an obligation-free trial.  Read more about SpeechLive here...