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Mac Compatible Speech Recognition
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Dragon Medical One for Mac OS

Dragon Medical One + Helium = Medical Speech Recognition on your Mac

Realtime speech recognition natively on your macOS - powered by Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One + Helium Upfront Subscription Option includes;

  • Helium Bar for Speech Recognition on your Mac
  • Dragon Bar for Speech Recognition on Windows
  • Implementation & Setup
  • End-User Training - 1 hour. One-on-one (Remote)
  • Software updates & upgrades
  • Unlimited Technical Support by VoiceX
Register for your free Dragon Medical One + Helium Trial on your Mac here

Please allow up to 24 business hours for your Dragon Medical One + Helium subscription login to be created. 

NB: If you already have a Dragon Medical One subscription with VoiceX - Helium is available as an add-on.  Find out more.


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Medically specific speech recognition on your Mac

Helium, developed by VoicePoint, revolutionizes speech recognition for healthcare professionals using Mac platforms. Seamlessly integrating with Dragon Medical One, Helium offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, empowering practitioners to focus on patient care. Discover the key features that make Helium the ultimate solution for optimizing your healthcare documentation workflow:

Say hello to freedom.  Say hello to Dragon Medical One on Mac!

With Nuance Dragon® Medical One + Helium, your staff can stay productive anywhere on ANY computer - Mac or Windows - in their office, working from their laptop, moving between clinics and consulting rooms, at home or anywhere they need to be. Our clinical speech recognition provides a consistent experience by allowing them to use their personalized Dragon profile from any location - any computer.

How does Helium work?

Helium is a fully MacOS-compatible application that runs natively on Mac.  Helium connects directly to your Dragon Medical One cloud profile, allowing you to enjoy realtime speech recognition on your Mac - powered by Dragon Medical One.

Helium + Dragon Medical = Mac & Windows compatibility with ONE voice profile!

Helium subscribers not only receive the Helium bar for dictation on your Mac - but ALSO the Dragon Bar for dictating on any Windows computer!

  • Ultra-fast processing
  • No need for hi-spec computers or network
  • Secure and compliant - Australian-based, Microsoft Azure server
  • Greater accuracy than Dragon Medical Practice Edition
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Analytic data for adoption trends 
The world is your workstation

Using a secure desktop app (with an incredibly small footprint), clinicians can use their voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally, efficiently and on their terms. Dragon Medical One provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience that spans solutions, platforms, devices, and physical locations. For the organisation at large, the power of this cloud platform means access to data. These insights help monitor adoption trends, ensure user efficiency, help inform decisions, and reap the benefits of compatibility with Nuance and partner workflow enhancements.

The best speech recognition in the world—
in the cloud
  • Always available: Dragon Medical One + Helium is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility with personalized vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices in the industry.
  • Budget-friendly: Affordable subscription-based pricing with little up-front capital investment.
  • All-Inclusive: Dragon Medical One + Helium includes all technical support during your subscription.  Technical support is provided directly by VoiceX - based here in Australia.
  • Greater accuracy + automatic updates: Using the latest deep-learning techniques and neural-network technologies, Dragon Medical One achieves 99% accuracy with no voice profile training required and a single cloud-based profile that is auto-established at first use. Once manual activities, such as accent adjustments and microphone calibration, are now automatic, providing greater accuracy, a lower word error rate, and an optimal clinician experience from the start.
  • Easy Set-Up: Dragon Medical One requires no voice profile training and includes accent detection and automatic microphone calibration. Dragon Medical One creates profiles that continue to adapt and improve over time to ensure an optimal clinician experience from the start.
  • Limitless productivity: Give your users the ability to speak freely and as much as they like. With Dragon Medical One + Helium, there are no per-user limits so clinicians can stay productive anywhere and focus on the unique patient story rather than usage limits.
  • Healthcare compliant: Your speech-related data is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels using TLS protocols to ensure end-to-end security.
  • Your choice of hardware: Let clinicians choose the microphone type that best suits how they and where they work.  Use the easy setup wizard within Helium and Dragon Bars to customize supported dictation microphones such as the SpeechMike Premium, SpeechMike Premium Air (Wireless), Olympus RecMic and Nuance PowerMic microphones 
  • Actionable insights: Dragon Medical One + Helium Analytics offers a self‑service portal that provides utilization data, adoption trends, and peer benchmarking tracking to ensure user efficiency and help with the design of action plans for improvement.
Please note: PowerMic Mobile app is not included with Dragon Medical One + Helium.  At this time the app is not compatible with Helium.  However, it can be purchased as an optional add-on for users working in a hybrid environment (ie both Windows and Mac).



Medical Speech Recognition - always available

Dragon Medical One is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility, with personalized vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices in the industry.

Secure and compliant

Our solutions support HIPAA requirements for patient security and confidentiality by employing secure encryption methods throughout the workflow. Our cloud solutions feature 99.5% uptime and run on geographically dispersed, active‑active, data centres hosted on Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure.  Dragon Medical One is hosted in Australia for Australian healthcare professionals.

Greater accuracy

Achieve 99% accuracy with no voice profile training required and a single cloud‑based profile that is auto‑established at first use. Manual activities such as accent adjustments and microphone calibration, are now automatic, providing greater accuracy, a lower word error rate, and an optimal clinician experience from the start.  Dragon Medical One uses the latest Nuance AI technology and provides higher levels of accuracy than Dragon Medical Practice Edition - faster.

Easy to install and maintain

No complex configurations; clinicians can begin dictating in less than five minutes using your existing infrastructure. Automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff and less hassle for your clinicians. As Dragon Medical One processes on the cloud - there is no need for hi-spec computers or infrastructure. No administrative permissions require for DMO application to run.


Affordable subscription‑based pricing with little upfront capital investment makes it easier for healthcare organizations to plan budgets with predictable expenses. 1 Year & 2 Year agreements with monthly, quarterly and annual payment options.

Automate high-value clinical tasks

To improve the exam room experience, Dragon Medical One supports virtual assistant workflow. This collaborative technology will automate high-value clinical tasks and intelligent retrieval of information from the medical record.

Dragon Medical One is all about portability, personalisation, access & insights

Portability to work at any workstation with the Dragon Medical One Desktop Application.

Compatible with all leading EMRs, and designed with virtualisation in mind, the Dragon Medical One desktop app provides secure, accurate, and portable cloud-based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows® devices.


Dragon Medical One puts the power in the clinician’s hand with the ability to personalise their experience and gain access to new features, products, and services as they emerge.

Flexibility to use your smartphone as a microphone – Nuance PowerMic Mobile.

Turn your smartphone (iOS and Android) into a secure, wireless microphone to enhance clinician productivity and convenience when working with Dragon Medical One. The PowerMic Mobile App is free when you subscribe to Dragon Medical One through VoiceX

Insights abound with Dragon Medical Analytics.

Dragon Medical Analytics gives system administrators access to individual and site-wide usage metrics and trends so they can optimise clinician efficiency, productivity, and workflows. With Dragon Medical Analytics, organisations can maximise their Nuance investments and make more informed decisions.

Licensed per author - not per computer

Dragon Medical now allows you to install the software wherever you work. Desktop, laptop on a Terminal Server - at home, your practice or the hospital - all with the one license.  You can even install Dragon Medical on your typist's computer for 3rd party transcription.  

A wide selection of microphones and recorders

Not all microphones are created equal and there are no "one-size-fits-all".  Selecting the right kind of microphone to suit how you dictate, where you dictate and what applications you dictate into is can make all the difference when it comes to your speech recognition accuracy.

Microphones should be noise-cancelling - preferably with noise-isolating features - and designed with speech recognition in mind.

It is also important to consider what your main objective is for speech recognition when selecting your microphone style.  For example, if you are wanting to dictate directly into and navigate around a template or practise management software - you may wish to consider a USB Dictation Microphone such as the Philips SpeechMike Premium or the new wireless SpeechMIke Premium Air which was designed specifically for use with speech recognition.

There are many different styles of microphones that can be used for speech recognition, including; handheld microphones with navigation control (such as SpeechMike Premium), portable dictation recorders - ideal for off-line speech recognition (such as the new Philips SpeechAir) and of course headset microphones for those who require a hands-free way of working.

Contact us to speak with one of our speech recognition specialists for advice.


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