SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Solution

Ideal work-from-home option. Windows & Mac Compatible.
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No software to install.  No network required.

Dictate, upload & transcribe from ANY computer. Windows & Mac compatible.

SpeechLive is the first truly professional, end-to-end cloud-hosted dictation management solution.  This solution provides firms with true flexibility in how they dictate, transcribe and manage their workflow and users.

  • Choose how you want to dictate
  • Access and work from any location
  • Optional integration with SpeechExec Pro software 
  • Optional Speech Recognition in the Cloud 
  • Optional PAYG Transcription Service 
  • Australian Based Hosting 
  • Technical Support Included 

SpeechLive is an annual subscription.  Priced per user, per annum.

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Browser based cloud dictation transcription system
For the author

Simply access your dictations conveniently via your web browser or your smartphone, no software installation required. Upload, play and download dictation files, send them to your assistant, speech recognition or the optional (PAYG) SpeechLive Transcription Service and receive finished documents. All in all, the perfect addition for any professional.
Join the new effective way of working!

SpeechLive AppSpeechLive Dictation App : Be productive on the go

The Philips SpeechLive Voice Recorder App is included as part of each SpeechLive author subscription. The app is designed to work seamlessly with the SpeechLive dictation workflow solution. Record, edit and send dictation files directly from your smartphone and reduce document turnaround times. You can even send dictations directly to the transcription service to maximize your productivity.  Use the SpeechLive App on your iPhone, Android smartphone or - for the power user - with the Philips SpeechAir Smart Dictation Recorder with WiFi.

  • Professional dictation recording
  • Edit your dictation; insert, overwrite, append and cut
  • Send via SpeechLive direct to your typist or save to your storage app, or simply email
  • View your SpeechLive dictation workflow
  • Car Mode allows you to concentrate on driving
  • Customisable interface to suit your preferences
  • Barcode scanner to easily link client or patient data

All your dictations in one place

You can see an overview of all your dictation files the moment you log into your SpeechLive account.
The icons on the left-hand side indicate the status of every dictation: Unsent, uploaded to SpeechLive, transcription is in progressor transcription is finished. You can download your recordings to your computer, assign them a priority status or send them to the transcription service. You can assign every file keywords, which make it easier to get an overview on first sight.

  • Online recorder allows you to record directly into SpeechLive from your PC or tablet web browser using a dictation microphone, headset or even your built-in mic
  • Online speech recognition allows you to dictate with live speech-to-text conversion
  • SpeechLive Transcription Service allows you to simply submit dictations for when your typist is not available
  • Live Transcription Status allows you to easily see when dictations have been completed
  • Bring your own device : SpeechLive allows you to dictate from a variety of sources.  Use your the app on your phone when you are on the go and your dedicated dictation voice recorder (such as a Philips DPM or Olympus DS recorder) or dictation microphone (such as a SpeechMike).
  • Windows and Apple Mac compatible  means you can work from multiple platforms
SpeechLive cloud transcription : Browser-based transcription
For the typist

Transcriptionists can work even quicker and more accurately using the brand new Philips foot control. The ergonomic foot control was developed by closely studying transcriptionists’ movements. Transcriptionists can stop and start playback with only a slight movement of the foot tip, and without lifting the foot unnecessarily, which both increases efficiency and makes it a lot more comfortable to work with.

SpeechLive Cloud Transcription foot control and headsetProfessional transcription for any computer

With SpeechLive you no longer require transcription software to be installed on your computer.  Work from any computer in your office, home or anywhere!  Simply use your transcription log-in to from any web browser - on any computer - Windows or Mac - and access all your dictations ready for transcription.  SpeechLive allows you to set auto-backspace, speed, volume and easily see view your pending, suspended and archived dictations from all of your nominated authors.

  • Transcribe into any application such as; Word, your practice management software or a remote desktop
  • Professional transcription tools allow you to transcribe with all the same functionality as professional desktop transcription software
  • Foot control connectivity for increased speed and efficiency or simply control with your mouse.  We recommend the Philips ACC2330 Foot Control which you can customise to work exactly how you want!
  • Optional Transcription Service allows you to click and submit dictations to the SpeechLive specialist transcriptionists for the times when you are not available
  • Connect to SpeechExec Pro (V10 or V11) desktop software for added functionality and simple working for sites with both cloud and non-cloud users
  • Windows and Apple Mac compatible  means you can work from multiple platforms

SpeechLive - work from any location - on any computer

SpeechLive subscription provides you ongoing management, support and upgrades of your dictation / transcription solution.  No need for software install!

  • Choose how you want to dictate : Via the SpeechLive Dictation Recorder App on your smartphone, or via a portable recorder (compatible with most dictation recorders, inc; Philips, Olympus & Grundig)
  • Access and work from any location : Both authors & typists can log in to SpeechLive via any web browser to access, transcribe and upload dictations. Windows & Mac compatible
  • Optional integration with SpeechExec Pro software : for added features and functionality
  • Optional Speech Recognition in the Cloud : Dictate and send for instant speech recognition in the cloud or integrate with your full desktop version of Dragon Professional, Legal or Medical (*if integrating with Dragon we recommend adding SpeechExec for automation).
  • Optional PAYG Transcription Service : Simply click-to-submit dictations for transcription by the SpeechLive Australian-based transcription specialists when your typist is not available
  • Australian Based Hosting : All data hosted in Australia by Philips with secure automatic double encryption, server mirroring & auto back up
  • Technical Support Included : Subscription includes on-going technical support, setup and user management by VoiceX

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