Philips LFH-9173 Clip-on Microphone

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Philips Speech Processing

Hands-free recording

with Philips tie-clip microphone

High sensitivity microphone allows you to discreetly dictate hands-free. 

  • Clip to your tie or lapel
  • Windshield included
  • Connect to any 3.5mm mono microphone jack
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Not a single word lost

Maximise your recording options

The clip-on microphone is an omnidirectional condenser microphone for recording situations where discreet and hands-free operation is required. Its high pick-up sensitivity provides excellent recording quality.

A tie clip keeps the microphone always in place

With the handy clip, the microphone can easily be attached to collars, ties or other clothing. Just plug it into your Digital Pocket Memo or Voice Tracer. No other installation is necessary.

Condenser microphone for superb recording quality

The sensitive electret condenser picks up every acoustic detail for perfect sound reproduction and studio quality.

Windshield reduces unwanted noise

The included windshield greatly improves sound quality by preventing unwanted and disturbing noise.

A perfect companion for your mobile recorder

The handy plug-in microphone turns your mobile voice recorder into an interviewing microphone.

Durable materials enhance quality for extended use

Durable and premium quality materials make the hands-free headset suitable for extended use.

Optimal results with a total Philips solution

The total Philips solution will produce outstanding results in all situations.


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