Philips Speech-to-Text

More than just speech recognition

Philips Speech Processing Solutions redefine the way you handle dictation and transcription. The Philips dictation solutions and bundles - supported by VoiceX - give you options that truly make a difference in your dictation efficiency.

We offer not just one, but two incredible solutions to supercharge your productivity: SpeechLive Speech-to-Text, the state-of-the-art speech-to-text cloud speech recognition, and SpeechExec with Dragon - the ultimate customisable solution giving you not only the most customisable and accurate speech recognition but a complete dictation workflow allowing you to dictate how and where you need.

More than just speech recognition, With these powerful tools in your arsenal, you'll experience a seamless and streamlined workflow for capturing, transcribing, and managing your spoken words. Get ready to unleash your full potential with the exceptional offerings from Philips. 

Revolutionising the way you dictate...

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  1. Sale
    Philips DPM8000 Kit + Dragon Pro v16
    Philips DPM8000 Kit + Dragon Pro v16
    Have Dragon transcribe your pre-recorded dictations from the Philips DPM Recorder
    Special Price AUD$1,629.00 Regular Price AUD$1,799.00
  2. Sale
    SpeechLive Pro +STT Speech Recognition : Annual Subscripiton
    SpeechLive Pro +STT Speech Recognition : Annual Subscripiton
    Windows & Mac Compatible Speech Recognition
    Special Price AUD$599.00 Regular Price AUD$749.00
  3. SpeechExec Enterprise + Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition
    Convert dictations created with your portable recorder or smartphone
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SpeechLive Speech-to-Text

Speech recognition wherever you want, however, you want - Windows & Mac Compatible

Introducing Philips SpeechLive Speech-to-Text, the game-changing cloud-based dictation solution that takes productivity to a whole new level. With SpeechLive, you can effortlessly turn your spoken words into written text, redefining the way you create documents and communicate.

Say goodbye to tedious manual transcriptions and hello to real-time transcription and seamless collaboration. Whether you're a legal whiz, healthcare pro, savvy executive, or ambitious student, SpeechLive caters to a wide range of industries. Capture your thoughts on the fly using our handy mobile app, ensuring you never miss a brilliant idea.

The best part? SpeechLive plays well with both Windows and Mac operating systems, offering a smooth experience regardless of your preferred platform. Our user-friendly interface and customizable tools put you in control while keeping your sensitive information secure and confidential.

Get ready to experience the future of speech-to-text technology with Philips SpeechLive Speech-to-Text. Join the growing community of professionals worldwide who have embraced this innovative solution, boosting their productivity and transforming the way they work. Embrace the power of SpeechLive today and unleash your full potential.