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Dragon Professional Individual V15

Professional Speech-to-Text Software

Speech recognition software for professionals, students, teachers & sole practitioners

Dictate directly into any application for immediate and accurate speech-to-text conversion.  Dragon Professional Individual lets you dictate reports, letters, emails, complete templates and fill in forms quickly and accurately.  Customise your personal vocabulary and easily create custom commands.

Dragon Professional Individual V15 is licensed per author (speaker) and you can activate the software on up to 4 computers.

NOTE : Users that work from multiple computers or locations, or sites with virtual environments, Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, Citrix or thin client hardware should consider the new Dragon Professional Anywhere which also includes Dragon Anywhere Mobile App.

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  1. Dragon Pro Individual 15 Speech Recognition
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    Speech Recognition Software with USB Headset : Dragon Professional Individual 15 Voice Recognition with Jabra Evolve 30 USB Headset Microphone
  4. Dragon Pro Individual 15 - Academic
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  5. Dragon Pro Individual 15 - Government
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Dragon Professional Anywhere - Australian Based Technical Support

VoiceX is a proud - and fully authorised - Nuance Support Partner for the entire range of Dragon speech recognition products. Through our dedicated, in-house Technical Support Team, we offer a range of initial and ongoing technical support options. Find out more at www.voicex.com.au/dragon-support

As using speech recognition software is a new way of working for many, making sure you understand the do's - and more importantly the don’ts - of speech recognition from the beginning can make all the difference to your success. Call us today to talk about our Dragon software Australia & New Zealand editions or to find a training option that will best suit you.

Nuance Certified Dragon Reseller & Technical Support Partner

Speech Recognition Microphones

Great speech recognition requires the best in audio clarity. VoiceX has a wide range of dictation microphones and headsets that have been tested and are recommended for Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition.

See a wide range of headsets and microphones recommended for speech recognition...