Dragon Professional Academic

Dragon Speech Recognition for Education

Enhance your student's educational experience so they can reach their full potential.

Nuance Dragon Professional Academic Speech Recognition Education software transforms the classroom, helps students and teachers express themselves, and most importantly, assists them in achieving new levels of success.

Teachers at both universities and schools often use speech to text technology in the classroom to complete tasks, with the method being much easier and faster than typing, therefore boosting productivity.

For students who struggle with writing, Nuance Dragon Professional Academic Speech Recognition Education software changes all that. It lets students express themselves simply by talking. Typing and spelling concerns no longer get in the way and slow them down.

Benefits for Students with Disabilities

Nuance Dragon Professional Academic software has proven to be highly valuable as it offers speech to text for students with disabilities. It’s highly recommended that all universities, TAFEs and schools provide speech recognition education software that will help any students who have a disability to receive the best opportunities possible.

Find Out More Today

Call VoiceX today on 1300 551 778 to learn more about using our premium speech to text technology in the classroom. Our experts can advise you on which package will be best suited to your requirements.

VoiceX is a NDIS provide for Dragon Speech Recognition Software  VoiceX is an Australian Nuance Certified Dragon Speech Recognition Paetner

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